Toronto Dominatrix Sessions - Dual Domme

If you're looking for an extra something special, try out one of my dual Domme sessions. Twice the deviant fun!

Mistress Pain Jane - Apprentice Mistress Pain Jane is the perfect counterpoint to me – while I'm tall, intimidating, curvy and sexy, she's petite, lithe, perky and devious. This red-haired vixen and I will team up to torment you in new and exciting ways.

Mistress Mattison - Apprentice Mistress Mattison is new to being a domme, but not new to dominating men. This curvy and gorgeous blonde's experience with strap-on play and general cruelty provide countless scenarios that complement my talents.

Contact me if you're interested in becoming a Domme and joining me for Dual Domme Sessions.

If you're already a domme and looking to join me, contact me.

Read a couple of Dual Domme Fantasies to get in the mood!