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Toronto Dominatrix Mistress Mindy's Cane Collection
Hello my lovelies,  Time for another update to my blog, and I must say – as often happens, I was inspired by a recent session (and accompanying purchase!). It’s something quite a few of you have enquired about, and I’m happy to write this to inspire those who haven’t yet thought about a session like this! Hopefully this will make your Good Friday a little bit better! As you probably guessed from the picture above (and title), I’m talking about caning. I must admit, I have felt an affinity for the cane ever since I was a small child. Stories of boarding school pupils being sent to the Headmistress’ chambers for some much needed discipline inspired an early sexual awakening in me. I certainly pictured myself as the stern Headmistress – curvy, nubile body concealed under boxy robes, dispensing discipline as needed and later touching myself to the memory. Maybe you had a similar fantasy, being on the receiving end of the cane. Or perhaps you went to a school that still employed this method of punishment, and had a similarly erotic connection to the experience. Whatever your interest in the cane, Headmistress Mindy would be happy to explore with […]
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Toronto Dominatrix Mistress Mindy Bondage
Hello Lovelies, I receive emails all the time from people asking about bondage. Every level – from ‘I’ve never been bound at all’ to ‘I need to be restrained, and not just a pair of handcuffs behind my back’ to ‘I barely want to be able to breathe’. Granted, the last one ventures into the extreme with mummification (which I LOVE), but we’ll save that for another day. I should also be clear that while I am familiar with Shibari (the magnificent art of intricate Japanese rope play), this blog will not deal with that. Bondage requires a lot of trust, whether you’re experimenting with a partner, or even with your sexy Toronto Domme! You are giving complete control to another person, so make sure you’re comfortable with the person you choose to explore with. Bondage is perfect for restraining a sub for a number of purposes, but I’ll focus on two. Pain – perhaps you deserve to be punished because you’re not applying yourself properly, or you’re a masochist who loves the feeling of a well-placed paddle; of course, human nature is to attempt to avoid pain. The right use of ropes and cuffs helps you receive that beating […]
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