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Toronto Dominatrix Mistress Mindy - Tagging
Hi lovelies!  Sometimes my subs are inspired by our sessions, and love to see themselves featured on the blog. Often, they like to write me testimonials or summaries of our sessions. I thought I’d start including some of my favourites in a Guest Blog feature! This will be the first of many. Contact me to set up your session and write your own story today!  Guest Blog by Slave H:  Some subs crave pain. Spanking, flogging, bondage, hot wax, needle play…these are the motivations for seeking out an experienced FemDom like the extraordinary Mistress Mindy. And I have done it all for my glorious, gorgeous Goddess: extreme needle play, electric play, vacuum pumps, you name it. But some subs such as myself derive deeper psychic satisfaction from abject humiliation. Grovelling at the feet of a large breasted beautiful Domme who really understands what it is you truly crave is the deepest form of devotion. Mistress Mindy is the perfect humiliation Domme. She gets it. Perhaps because I am a very successful banker in my day job, in a position to wipe out businesses and jobs with a slash of my pen, I crave being put in a position of subjugation […]
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