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Hi again lovelies! I thought I’d dedicate this blog to a service that is surprisingly popular with my subs – and that is Dominatrix Lifestyle Coaching! Whether you need help staying on track with homework, getting your ass to the gym, watching what you eat, keeping your house clean, quitting smoking, or anything else, I have a very particular brand of motivation that can bring you in line quite quickly. I’ll give you an example to show you what I mean. I have been helping a number of teachers who are just beginning their careers. The transition from student to teacher can be very difficult for them. Some of them have slipped into the habit of arriving at classes unprepared or without lesson plans, taking far too long to grade and hand back assignments, throwing on movies in class instead of teaching a lesson, using their phone inappropriately during class, and basically acting unprofessionally towards the staff, parents, and students. Strict supervision and after class accountability has been shown to improve these issues and their overall productivity at work and in their personal lives. You see, some of you will remember a time when teachers had more authority in the […]
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