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Why book a session with Mistress Mindy when I can have you at my beck and call?
Hello lovelies, So many clients inquire about sessions and then we go back and forth working out a time that works, enjoy the session, and look forward to booking again. For some subs, it’s once a month. For some, it’s once every few days. As much as I can appreciate a good routine, one of my favourite client relationships is when a sub asks to be at my beck and call. What does this mean? It means a client provides me with a generous tribute at the beginning of a month, and then they’re on the clock so to speak. I can contact them at any time and demand their presence, and they need to accommodate my desire, or suffer the consequences. Now, I do need to point out that it’s not something I do with new clients – it requires trust (both mine and the client’s) and comfort. Additionally, it is well discussed beforehand to ensure it’s within reason for the sub. For example, if there are family obligations on the weekend that must be considered, obviously I won’t demand his/her presence at that time. One of my favourite subs, C, has offered this testimonial to describe November of […]
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Toronto Dominatrix Mistress Mindy is so detail-oriented, you might say she can be a bit anal.
Hey lovelies,  This latest blog is focused on the subject of a consistently large number of requests! One of the staples of D/s, anal play can be immensely satisfying for both beginners and experts alike. I know I sound like a broken record here, but it’s truly one of my favourite kinks!  A recent sub, A, came to me dying to try anal play but desperately afraid that it would hurt. He had spent years pleasuring himself to scenes of busty, Dominant women bending men over and plowing them with large strap-ons, but when he’d tried even small toys on himself, he was greeted with burning and pain. He was desperate to let an experienced Domme guide him through his first anal session. He quickly found that when he was aroused, his nervousness faded a bit, and he felt very comfortable with me. I used heated lube, a gentle, lubed finger, vibration, distraction, and plenty of time to ease him in – and what do you know, before the end of the session, he was bent over my massage table, taking my 6 inch strap on up the ass and begging for a bigger one! We have another session scheduled this […]
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