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Mistress Mindy has NOT been taken hostage - this Toronto Dominatrix is absolutely still around!
Hey lovelies! I know many of you kinky folk have missed my presence on the blog, had to wait a while for answers to emails, and have been wondering what’s going on and if I’m still around/offering sessions. As per the picture, no, I have NOT been taken hostage… 😉 I want to stress here and now that this is a calling for me – I will always be in this lifestyle and offering sessions, so you don’t have to worry about me disappearing for long! That being said, I’ve had some health issues (both personal and family) that have demanded my attention, so I’ve been a little bit behind on my correspondence. As always, I urge you to contact me to discuss your session desires and needs – if you don’t get a response in a few days, please do feel free to try again! Technology is mostly a friend to me, but at times my email can be a bit touchy. If I’ve received your email, I WILL answer as soon as I am able to, so hang in there! That being said, I wanted to talk today about how shit happens. As I’ve always said, I completely […]
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Toronto Dominatrix Mistress Mindy's Gallery
Hello my kinky lovelies, and welcome to my newly redesigned site! As always, be sure to check instagram and my blog for new content and pictures as I have them ready for you! I respond to suggestions for content there, so if you’re looking for the latest on the world of Mistress Mindy, that’s where you’ll find it! In the transition to the new site, I believe there were some email issues – new emails may not have reached me! If you haven’t heard back from me, or our conversation petered out, please contact me again so that we can discuss the type of session you’re looking for. My summer of intense travel is drawing to a close and I will be excited and eager to play with all of you! I’d like to announce several new features. I will be introducing a monthly question and answer post – I’ve been collecting your most burning questions for the inaugural Ask Mistress Mindy blog, due out this week! I’ve also added Brown/Roman sections on my site, to provide more information about some more extreme forms of play that I am proud to be offering. As always, I welcome your feedback and […]
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