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Posted by: Mistress Mindy I thought I’d talk about an activity that I offer that seems a bit edgy to some in the scene. It’s called sounding (a form of CBT). Basically, it involves inserting rods of various sizes into the urethra. The sounds are typically made from surgical grade steel, but there are variations that vibrate or deliver electric shocks internally. Sounding is best left to those with experience as the urethra can become damaged if proper technique is not used. That being said, with the proper Domme, sounding can provide an intense sensation unlike anything else. If you’re looking for something that’s a little out there, I recommend trying it out! Under proper supervision (and obviously with the proper equipment and hygiene) you might discover a new obsession! This picture was taken during a sounding session with one of my more experienced clients. He’s had his urethra gradually stretched over the years, and can now take quite a large sound with no problem. In fact, we’ve ordered a set with larger sounds so we can continue to stretch him out! I incorporated a medical theme into this session, and told him that Dr. Mindy was going to continue […]
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