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Posted by: Mistress Mindy Today I had a lovely strap-on session (one of my specialties of course) with slave Kevin, who hasn’t had the pleasure of my company for weeks as he’s been traveling for business. Needless to say, his tight ass was missing my strap-on and he couldn’t wait to get into my playspace and on his knees. I greeted him at the door and he handed me my tribute and a lovely bottle of wine he’d brought back from his most recent trip to Argentina. Kissing his cheek, I took his coat and gestured him towards the basement stairs – by now he knew exactly where we were headed. I called down and offered him a drink, and then grabbed some bottled water from the fridge and met him on the sofa in the basement. As I passed one of the bottles to Kevin, his eyes traveled down my shapely legs to my feet, clad in a pair of exquisite satin peep-toe pumps he had sent me as a lovely surprise while he was away. I laughed and took a seat next to him, stretching my legs out so my feet rested in his lap. “God, I’ve missed […]
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