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Hello kinky friends! I thought I’d post a much overdue update! After some prolonged and much needed vacation time, I’m back in the saddle (so to speak) and enjoying play again! Feel free to reach out to schedule a session. If you’ve contacted me in the past few months and haven’t received a response, my sincerest apologies – I’d be happy to hear from you again and set up a time to meet and play! Today’s blog focuses on one of my true passions. It’s one I understand is rarely offered by pro Dommes, and similarly not often requested by subs – but I have finally found a devoted toy who is willing to endure my more sadistic treatment, purely for the pleasure of seeing me happy! Not a born masochist, this sub has been dutifully pushing his limits since meeting me last year, and has found himself willing and eager to go above and beyond to prove his devotion to his Goddess. I started out slow, putting on some soft music, lighting some candles, and stripping him down slowly. Sometimes I am cold and clinical when I’m doing needle play, but as this was his first time, I wanted […]
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