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Merry Kinkmas from your favourite Toronto Dominatrix, Mistress Mindy
Hello kinky friends! In the spirit of the season (and to answer the hundreds of you emailing and asking about an Amazon Wishlist!), I thought I would revamp my existing one, bring it up to date, and link it more prominently on the blog and my site! You can find the link here: I of course welcome any and all gifts from my favourite subs and anonymous admirers. Quite a few of you have chosen to send me an item you’d like used on you for the session you’ve booked – and I have to say, I love that. I’ve had some requests as well for an address to send random gifts and mail to. I will be opening a PO Box soon, and will post the address here for all to see! I would love to see what kinds of things you’re all dying to send my way. Christmas has always been a huge deal for me. I love the season – the family, the friends, the wine, the food – it’s all very special to me. It’s been quite a pleasure to incorporate my love of the holidays into some of my sessions! Yesterday, I had the pleasure […]
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The Strongest St. Andrews cross in the GTA – maybe Canada?
Hello lovelies! As my last blog was a bit more about scheduling than seduction, I was inspired today to talk about my favourite piece of furniture in my dungeon-in-progress – my custom built St. Andrew’s Cross! There’s a reason why I’ve boldly asserted that I have the strongest St. Andrew’s cross in the GTA – possibly Ontario – maybe even Canada! I’m sure the experienced among you have seen the commercially available crosses on the market. I’ve owned a few of them myself! I find them to be attractive, but fairly flimsy. Since I specialize in fairly exquisite torment and torture with subs of all shapes and sizes, I really needed something that was going to stand up to a lot! Like my subs, this cross can take a beating! Not only is it double the usual thickness, it’s also chained to studs in my wall. I have personally attached over 600 pounds of weight to the cross, and while it’s designed to move, it doesn’t budge. That’s the other thing – my cross is designed to swing out from the wall with the right pressure, leaving the sub dangling a bit forward. It’s a unique position for sure, and […]
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Toronto Dominatrix Mistress Mindy's Cane Collection
Hello my lovelies,  Time for another update to my blog, and I must say – as often happens, I was inspired by a recent session (and accompanying purchase!). It’s something quite a few of you have enquired about, and I’m happy to write this to inspire those who haven’t yet thought about a session like this! Hopefully this will make your Good Friday a little bit better! As you probably guessed from the picture above (and title), I’m talking about caning. I must admit, I have felt an affinity for the cane ever since I was a small child. Stories of boarding school pupils being sent to the Headmistress’ chambers for some much needed discipline inspired an early sexual awakening in me. I certainly pictured myself as the stern Headmistress – curvy, nubile body concealed under boxy robes, dispensing discipline as needed and later touching myself to the memory. Maybe you had a similar fantasy, being on the receiving end of the cane. Or perhaps you went to a school that still employed this method of punishment, and had a similarly erotic connection to the experience. Whatever your interest in the cane, Headmistress Mindy would be happy to explore with […]
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