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This is an interesting side of kink I haven’t really discussed on the blog, and yet I’ve gotten many inquiries about it. There is a large portion of the BDSM community who absolutely loathe so-called “Fin Dommes” (financial Dommes). There are also quite a few profiles that exist solely to exploit the kink scene for financial gain. These two facts make financial domination a very tricky subject to address – and I’d imagine even tricker to navigate for those who have a legitimate fetish for it. Believe me, they do exist! There are several different fantasies that seem to be popular in the financial Domination scene. The most common fetish is probably blackmail. I get a LOT of requests for this particular kink. People interested in financial blackmail want to be forced to hand over their online banking details, and have a Domme threaten to expose and humiliate them either personally or professionally if they don’t hand over the information and money the Domme demands. A popular form of financial blackmail occurs from a distance – using tools like TeamViewer, a Domme can remotely access a sub’s computer and can gain access to sensitive information. This is dangerous unless you […]
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