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Toronto Dominatrix Funnel Gag for taking Golden Showers to a new level
Hello lovelies! I was all ready to post my next ball busting blog post (keep an eye out for it over the next little while!!), but a recent purchase and accompanying session inspired me so much I had to interrupt myself!   As regular readers will already know, one of my all time favourite kinky passions is golden play. I have a virtual stable of devoted subs who adore consuming my golden nectar, and I’m always looking for new ways to heighten the experience. For one of my favourites, H, I decided I wanted to do something more forceful – I had a sudden vision of him on his knees, hands bound behind his back, forced to consume my piss until I decided he’d had enough. Now, when I have ideas like this I move heaven and earth to make them happen, but thankfully that wasn’t necessary in this case!  I hopped over to Amazon and found myself this delightful toy. It has a flexible hose and a removable mouthpiece for easy cleaning. It buckles behind the head to keep it firmly in place. I placed it on my Amazon Wishlist immediately and gave H a nudge in that direction via […]
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Toronto Dominatrix Mistress Mindy's beautiful feet
Hello lovelies, I have enjoyed my foray into life coaching, and I’ve been asked how exactly a domme does life coaching. It’s very simple – it’s a matter of motivating my lovelies in the right way. I have recently added a story to my website. In this story, you can appreciate how I can both bring out the best in you, and deliciously feed your fetish for my beautiful feet. It’s just one example of the creative ways this Toronto Dominatrix can motivate you! If you like the story, of course, contact me and we can make your fantasy a reality AND help get your life on track.  
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