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The other day I was looking through my Google Analytics, and I found that I’m receiving a lot of visitors from around the world. Out of 196 countries, I’ve received visitors from 138 countries. I must say, this is very flattering! So first of all, thank you to everyone who visits my site, whether you’re around the corner or around the globe. Sadly, I can only do in-person sessions with those who travel to me, or those who pay my travel costs to come to them. I’ve received countless emails along the lines of “I can’t come to Toronto to see you, and I can’t afford to bring you here, and there are no great dommes where I live”, followed by expressions of sadness and frustration. Luckily, thanks to high speed internet providers, built in cameras in laptops and phones, and innovations in general, Online Domination is a service I am able and happy to provide! How does online domination work, you ask? It’s simple – we engage in a video chat, and for the duration of the session, you follow my instructions as though we were together in person. The only difference is, instead of me doing things, I’m ordering […]
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