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Young or Old, age is just a number with this Toronto Dominatrix. Ask nicely, and I may even use your cane in our session!
Hello lovelies! I’ve had quite a few sessions with new clients this past month, and a common theme has become clear – so many are concerned they’re either too old or too young to session with me! Obviously, I can’t offer sessions to people who are underage, but if you’re 18+ and interested in playing with me, please don’t worry about your age! My oldest new client was 98 when we started playing. He had long harboured an interest in kink, and when his beloved wife passed away, he had a younger friend help him look for someone to help him fulfill his fantasies! He was particularly interested in spankings – memories of strict boarding school punishments had long been erotic for him. Obviously there are considerations when your sub is older, but I’m experienced in all things medical and happy to provide a supportive, safe environment to explore these things together! Some of my favourite subs are in their 70’s – often retired, they’ve had long and draining careers, usually consisting of being in charge of people and making constant decisions. The idea of taking a vacation from that “take charge” mindset is appealing and often very erotic. These […]
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