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Posted by: Mistress Mindy This is a very quick post just to stay in touch. Having been so busy with work and my favourite holiday, Halloween, it’s not been easy to make time to write. Keep visiting though – many new blogs are coming, as are some new photos! I haven’t really posted much about my favourite activities, so I thought I’d devote this week’s blog to one of my top ten kinks – OTK (over the knee) spanking! I absolutely love having a grown man stretched across my lap for some much needed discipline. I have a particular sub in mind while writing this. He can take hours of punishment, whether I’m using a paddle, a flogger, a crop, a cane, or my favourite – my bare hand. It is so exciting watching my blank canvas turn deep pink and then bright red. I like to take my time, running my fingers lightly over the warm flesh between round of smacks, enjoying the heightened sensitivity and teasing my poor helpless sub. Let me know if you’ve been misbehaving lately at home or at work. I’ll be happy to give you the spanking you deserve… 😉
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