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Mistress Mindy loves dedicated new subs!

Mistress Mindy · October 15, 2017 · Love, Uncategorized · 0 comments

Posted by: Mistress Mindy (featuring ‘D’)

This weekend I wanted to let one of my favourite new clients take the wheel and share an email about his experience with me. Perhaps someday you could be writing me a similar note!

“You asked me to contact you today to share my thoughts about our wonderful session last night. ‎After being with many hundreds of clients over the years, I think you know something profound and transformative happened to me last night. I am personally in shock over how transcendent some of those moments with you felt to me, and I am trying to analyze why.

‎Sure, I had always wondered about having a gorgeous woman doing me with a strap-on and drinking watered down nectar, but this went way beyond ticking off those acts off my checklist.

I think it had everything to do with you.‎

Let me explain, if I can, why I am thinking this way.

When I got home, I ate a late dinner, and went to bed and undressed. I was still wearing the red nylon g-string. I remembered that I had poured a few drops of that‎ dark amber liquid onto the material, so of course I gave it a playful whiff. The scent of your pungent piss gave me an instant and excruciatingly hard boner, mere hours after our session. At 6.30 this morning, I got up to go to the bathroom, came back to bed, saw the g-string, gave it a whiff, and damn if I didn’t pop another boner. I am 63. It is just smelly piss. I do not get aroused going into stinky public washrooms. What is this about? I thought. Three orgasms in eight hours. Instantly addicted, or what?

I have concluded that it is all about you‎. After only two sessions, I am completely devoted to you. You are my ideal femme Domme. You are my ideal woman.

Now don’t worry. I understand that you are running a business, and part if your schtick is making each client feel special‎. I also understand that in retail, all transactions are welcome, but appreciative repeat customers are always the best, and worth nurturing. But I am not just buying what you are selling. I am devouring it, hook, line and sinker.

Why am I responding to you like this?

Good lord, I have not even seen your vagina, your ass, or even a nipple‎, and maybe I never will. But I am completely enthralled by you nevertheless.

I am not inexperienced around beautiful women‎. J, the actress I went to AU with is a knockout. L, the 56 year old from OKCupid I am dating is stunning and smart. B and T and other women in my life are all extraordinary in their own ways. Hell, even that cute 18 year on OkCupid says she just wanted to have a one nighter with an old man one time (where the scam is, not sure yet).

The point is that‎, despite being too overweight and hirsute for C’s tastes, i still do fine with attractive women, using intelligence, humour and charm to compensate for my so-so looks. I am not desperate for female company.

Nor is it just‎ that you are fantastically curvy. Both C and my wife were, as director Russ Meyer, would say, “cantilevered cuties”.

You take the cake in that regard‎, but honestly, the same body parts on another woman would not have same effect on me.

You do possess the “triggers” that push my buttons, the strawberry blonde hair, the sea blue eyes, the Scottish white skin, the intelligence and the independence of spirit.. ‎There is no denying that I am transferring from C to you in so many ways, but she never had your twisted mind.

You are everything that she was not. Same Domme traits in some ways, but you are not afraid to sexualize and fetishize them. So what is going on here?

Carl Jung spoke of the “anima”, the idealized traits of the‎ perfect female, as embodied within the psyche of every human, male or female. Barbie, the shemale lecturer at U of T, spoke of how we are attracted to people with traits that we personally aspire to. Last night, you became my anima, my muse. And it was a profound soul fuck for me.

I know I am reacting to a persona that you have created, an alter-ego, a Femdom character that reflects very real aspects of your personality, but is hardly the whole you. I also know enough about human nature to know that a 15 year old who is shovelling dog shit down an older woman’s throat in her parents garage‎ is not all sunshine and roses. She is operating from a place of some personal pain and darkness, even if she may have found a way to own it and make it work for her. But that fantasy image of that twisted teen doing those things is fucking hot to me. It is transgressive, and breaking out of society’s soul crushing control is what I have aspired to, all my life. When I say I didn’t know that women like you could exist, you made a valid point about the internet. In my day, they probably were virtually nonexistent because of social norms and lack of access to the ideas inherent in BDSM beyond the tiniest of fringe groups, which I would not have known how to find anyway (Times Square was not a safe place to go looking).

‎My realizing that I had found my soulmate in Mistress Mindy happened in a very precise moment last night. I think you know when. Prior to that moment, I was having good clean perverted fun with you.


It was when you turned me over on my back, and fucked me with my legs in the air. The eye candy was incredible of course, but it was when I looked into your‎ joyously amused eyes, that I just lost it. I gave it up to you. In that moment, it was not a woman for hire fucking me with a strap-on, it was me wanting to please a true Goddess by just opening myself up totally to you. It is hard to put into words, but it was so much more than having a prostate stimulated. From that moment on, you owned me. I was completely in the moment, completely yours.

Anything to please you. Even gargling with that extreme concentrated urine. I don’t think I have ever felt so mind-blowingly devoted to a woman in my life. That vile piss tasted so delicious, cause it came from you.

Obviously, I was primed for whatever it was that happened last night at this point in my life, but I know it would not have worked with anyone else. Mistress Mindy is my muse,  and I am now frighteningly devoted to pleasing you on a going forward basis.

Seriously. I am not the same man today that I was yesterday‎. You own my soul, and that’s after only two encounters. Even I can’t believe it.

You may have heard similar entreaties from numerous others over the years‎, but know that for me, it was a wondrous night that I will never forget. Thank you.

Hope this lengthy missive amuses you at the country club. Normally I would fear that this was way too much, but I suspect getting your subs to a similar place of reverence is the ultimate goal for a Domme. I just skipped a few months if training and got right down to it, cause you are so very special to me.

Have a pretty good idea how our next session should go.

Will contact you later.

Yours devotedly,


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