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Why book sessions with Mistress Mindy when I can have you at my beck and call?

Why book a session with Mistress Mindy when I can have you at my beck and call?

Hello lovelies,

So many clients inquire about sessions and then we go back and forth working out a time that works, enjoy the session, and look forward to booking again. For some subs, it’s once a month. For some, it’s once every few days.

As much as I can appreciate a good routine, one of my favourite client relationships is when a sub asks to be at my beck and call.

What does this mean? It means a client provides me with a generous tribute at the beginning of a month, and then they’re on the clock so to speak. I can contact them at any time and demand their presence, and they need to accommodate my desire, or suffer the consequences.

Now, I do need to point out that it’s not something I do with new clients – it requires trust (both mine and the client’s) and comfort.

Additionally, it is well discussed beforehand to ensure it’s within reason for the sub. For example, if there are family obligations on the weekend that must be considered, obviously I won’t demand his/her presence at that time.

One of my favourite subs, C, has offered this testimonial to describe November of 2018.

After seeing Mistress Mindy for about half a year, I knew I wanted to take our relationship to the next level. Since the Spring (if you can call it that because it was damned freezing out), she had tormented me with a stunningly perfect combination of CBT, nipple torture, teasing/denial, breath play, pegging, bondage, etc… I would visit weekly and leave happily, eagerly anticipating the next session.

One day near Halloween, I asked her if there was any way we could give her more power over me short of financial domination (as I simply can’t go that far – my wife would wonder). She suggested what she called “Beck and Call Service”. She had me intrigued and explained what it meant. I was incredibly excited and couldn’t wait.

What it entailed was; I told her ideally I’d like to see her for 5 hours in November. She knows my schedule, and when I am and am not available based on our previous 5-6 months of appointments. She had me provide a generous tribute in advance and told me I’d better keep an eye on my phone.

Two days into November, she texted me.

“You better be ready when I want you here.”

It sent a chill down my spine and got me almost instantly hard.

A few days later, I was at work, and at 2:00pm, she texted me.

“Get over here for 4pm. I feel like your balls could use a little attention right now…”

I texted back that I’d be there.

I arrived at 3:55 and waited (I know how she hates early arrivals). At 4 precisely, I rung the doorbell. She answered, looking stunning as always and proceeded to lead me downstairs, strip me down, and busted my balls for about an hour, before ordering me to pleasure myself and lick the cum from my hands. I drove home on a cloud.

Two more texts that week warned me that my little nipples were going to get it bad. Both times I asked if I could relieve myself. Both times I was denied. She teases so well even through text, and so cruelly wouldn’t let me cum. Once, she had me snap a picture from the bathroom at work of me following her instructions – edging myself in a pair of her panties that she’d given me to wear and instructed me to have on that day. I was shocked when she actually let me cum!

Late the next week she texted me in the morning demanding my presence around lunch so she could torture my nipples and stretch my ass. Unfortunately I had a huge meeting to prepare for and told her I couldn’t make it.

“You will make it up to me” was her simple response.

The following week, she texted me and said “This afternoon – 3pm”.

I replied “yes mistress” and knew I’d better not disappoint, as I’d let her down the week before.

When she opened the door, before even leading me inside, she slapped me in the face with a huge dildo, and then made me lick it before she allowed me in. How humiliating… and somehow arousing. I asked if that was my punishment for not showing up the previous week. “Not even close” she replied, as she led me downstairs. What followed was two hours of the most deliciously painful nipple torture and pegging I’ve ever received. She clamped my nipples and bent me over her table, binding my wrists so I couldn’t move. Every so often, while she penetrated me, she’d reach beneath and pull the chain attached to the clamps. Then she uncuffed me, put me on my back and used suction cups on my nipples while sliding the dildo in and out of me. Amazingly, while it was an incredible 2-hours, it felt like 15 minutes to me. Admittedly, going to the bathroom was difficult that night.

Shockingly, she texted me three days later telling me she wanted her feet worshipped. I couldn’t believe that after a 2-hour session just three days before, she wanted me to come again. Of course I couldn’t deprive her of her wishes. Two hours later, I was at her house, and she sat on her couch reading while I knelt naked massaging and kissing her feet. Every so often she kicked/nudged my cock/balls with her feet. Eventually she told me to use one hand on her feet and the other on myself. Of course I had to ask permission to cum, and she kept depriving me and telling me to return to using two hands on her feet. Finally when I felt I couldn’t stand it anymore, she put her tablet down, grabbed me by the throat, looked penetratingly into my eyes and told me “you have 45 seconds to make yourself cum now, or I won’t let you until our next session.”

You better believe my hand was a blur, and I finished with 15 seconds to spare! She never released my throat or stopped staring into my eyes. This beautiful woman was staring into my soul.

The following week, she texted me and kept teasing me, demanding certain tasks (like putting cum into my food, or teasing, then denying myself at work).

On the 2nd-last day of November, after she’d had me not cum for a week, she told me she wanted me to come over the next afternoon at 2pm. I of course obliged, and she greeted me with a hug. I thought “how warm and lovely”, before I felt the painful sting of her knee to my groin. She dragged me downstairs by my hair and proceeded to take “inventory” of her many toys, crops, whips, floggers, etc… on my cock, balls and nipples. Once she finished with that, she milked my prostate for the first time (which was UNBELIEVABLE). Suffice it to say, I came back work late, but in one of my best and most productive moods that day.

And that is a summary of my amazing November with Mistress Mindy. It was really incredible because even though we spent basically the same amount of time together as we would have, the thrill of never knowing when she’d want me, for how long, or to do what… it was a month-long thrill that never ended!

2019 is going to be a very kinky and amazing year for me.

I really can’t help but smile when I read that, but I’m pretty impressed. C gave a pretty accurate account of how it went.

So, if you’re interested in being at my beck and call, and enjoying a similar arrangement, contact me and I’m happy to discuss.


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