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Time to play in my new space!

Mistress Mindy · August 07, 2017 · Corporal Punishment, Dungeon, Moving, Tease, Toys · 1 comments

Hello lovelies!

It’s been a while – the move was more dramatic and involved than I anticipated, and it’s been exhausting but fun getting the new dungeon set up! A few of you eager ones have had sneak previews and sessions in an unfinished space, but I’m thrilled to announce that both the hardcore and the softcore rooms are open for business!

I’d like to talk a little bit about the St. Andrews cross pictured in this post. Lovingly handmade for me a few years ago, this cross is sturdier than any I’ve seen yet. It’s anchored to studs in the wall and can support up to 600 pounds. This isn’t your beginner cross! I have had some mouthwateringly intense sessions with this thing – let’s just say the sturdiness has been tested as many have lost their footing and had to rely entirely on the cross to hold them up. That’s what happens when you’re tied up and tormented by this Goddess!

I’m thrilled with my new dungeon and play space. The softcore room is a delightfully comfortable place to get acquainted and introduce beginners to the world of femdom. A comfy couch serves as a place to sit and chat, or can even help with a perfect intro to mummification (where you’re completely encased, unable to move, laying on the couch, as your mistress either ignores you or teases you with the slightest touch). Over the knee spankings, begging, objectification, humiliation, a backdrop of books and toys – and just perfect for Dr. Mindy to perform a complete medical exam. I do love this room as a way to help ease people into my world of sadistic pleasure.

But the hardcore room – that really excites me. The cross, the ominous red light – this room is truly the dungeon my clients have craved. All of my favourite whips, paddles and floggers are at my fingertips. In here, the limits of the safe word are really tested. Your body becomes my toy and I push you in ways you never dreamed possible, and with a number of perfectly-placed mirrors, you get to watch yourself experiencing Mistress Mindy doing what I do best.

There are plenty of escorts out there claiming to be Dommes. There are a number of ladies who have stocked up on some cheap and flimsy toys and call themselves Mistresses. But the true connoisseurs of BDSM can tell the difference, and it’s those people I love working with. If you want to enjoy a session with a top Toronto Dominatrix in every sense, and in my brand new play space, no matter what your level of experience or kink, I’d love to hear from you.

  1. greetings Mistress,

    I hope You are enjoying the Holidays.

    Are You still taking on new subs?


    David · December 31, 2017

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