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Hello my lovelies, I am just getting ready for a night out, but I wanted to make something clear first because I’m not thrilled right now. Apparently somebody in Toronto has been using the name Mistress Mindy on Backpage. I’ve been asked about it a few times, so I want to clarify right here on my blog – that is NOT me. A few important differences to note: – She is an escort. I am a Dominatrix. My interactions with clients do not involve sexual favours. – She is in her 40’s and old enough to be my mother. – The phone number she posts from is apparently used in police stings. I have added some of her pictures below just in case she is claiming to be me. Any posts with the pictures below are NOT me. So, to summarize – there is only one Mistress Mindy, and you are currently reading her blog. The only way I allow new clients to contact me is through my website, I will never pay for third party website ads or post a phone number. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and stay tuned on my blog and/or social media as I’ll […]
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