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The right gamble might pay off with Toronto Dominatrix Mistress Mindy
Hello lovelies, My website often has stories for your enjoyment. This one fits a few categories, so I thought I’d share it on my blog. Hope you enjoy! It was a Friday night and I was feeling lucky. It’s not often I get to hit the casino, but tonight I found myself with a few extra bucks and thought I would enjoy a little Texas Hold ‘Em. The lights and dinging of the machines gave me a little shiver as I made my way through the maze of tables. I sat down at a table with 6 other players. I put down my $100 and found myself with a small stack of chips, but nobody at the table had more than $200, so I figured I was ok. The first few hands I played conservatively and didn’t get much in the way of cards. But I won a couple of small pots and put in my blinds. After an hour, I was about even. A couple of players left the table, and I was enjoying my third drink when I caught a whiff of perfume from over my right shoulder. I turned and saw the most stunning woman standing there, […]
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Toronto Dominatrix Mistress Mindy's beautiful feet
Hello lovelies, I have enjoyed my foray into life coaching, and I’ve been asked how exactly a domme does life coaching. It’s very simple – it’s a matter of motivating my lovelies in the right way. I have recently added a story to my website. In this story, you can appreciate how I can both bring out the best in you, and deliciously feed your fetish for my beautiful feet. It’s just one example of the creative ways this Toronto Dominatrix can motivate you! If you like the story, of course, contact me and we can make your fantasy a reality AND help get your life on track.  
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