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Why book a session with Mistress Mindy when I can have you at my beck and call?
Hello lovelies, So many clients inquire about sessions and then we go back and forth working out a time that works, enjoy the session, and look forward to booking again. For some subs, it’s once a month. For some, it’s once every few days. As much as I can appreciate a good routine, one of my favourite client relationships is when a sub asks to be at my beck and call. What does this mean? It means a client provides me with a generous tribute at the beginning of a month, and then they’re on the clock so to speak. I can contact them at any time and demand their presence, and they need to accommodate my desire, or suffer the consequences. Now, I do need to point out that it’s not something I do with new clients – it requires trust (both mine and the client’s) and comfort. Additionally, it is well discussed beforehand to ensure it’s within reason for the sub. For example, if there are family obligations on the weekend that must be considered, obviously I won’t demand his/her presence at that time. One of my favourite subs, C, has offered this testimonial to describe November of […]
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Don't you want to come help Mistress Mindy get out of her heels?
Hello my lovelies! I’ve just arrived home from a pedicure, and while I wait for my sub, S, to come and pamper these feet some more, I thought I’d write a little bit about one of my favourite kinks – foot worship/foot play! I’ll set the scene for you a little bit by describing a recent session, as is my wont! My darling sub S has been a regular of mine for over a year now. He first approached me when he saw a picture of my feet posted on a kink website and couldn’t resist my high arches and perfect pedicure. Since our first time together, he’s been a devoted sub, booking many a session just to while away the hours massaging my feet while I enjoy a glass of wine. But occasionally, we concoct a plan a little more kinky! For this session, we combined tease and denial with foot play – the perfect combination, in my mind! I had S strip down to his boxers and kneel on a pillow on the floor in front of me. He looked up at me with wide brown eyes, silently begging – so I told him he had permission to […]
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The right gamble might pay off with Toronto Dominatrix Mistress Mindy
Hello lovelies, My website often has stories for your enjoyment. This one fits a few categories, so I thought I’d share it on my blog. Hope you enjoy! It was a Friday night and I was feeling lucky. It’s not often I get to hit the casino, but tonight I found myself with a few extra bucks and thought I would enjoy a little Texas Hold ‘Em. The lights and dinging of the machines gave me a little shiver as I made my way through the maze of tables. I sat down at a table with 6 other players. I put down my $100 and found myself with a small stack of chips, but nobody at the table had more than $200, so I figured I was ok. The first few hands I played conservatively and didn’t get much in the way of cards. But I won a couple of small pots and put in my blinds. After an hour, I was about even. A couple of players left the table, and I was enjoying my third drink when I caught a whiff of perfume from over my right shoulder. I turned and saw the most stunning woman standing there, […]
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