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Mistress Mindy’s New Year’s Resolutions

Mistress Mindy · January 01, 2019 · Coaching, Dungeon, Life Coaching, Love, Motivation · 0 comments
Happy New Year from your favourite Dominatrix in Toronto

Happy New Year, my kinky friends!

As we embark on a New Year together, I’m sure quite a few of you are making some resolutions. I thought I would share mine with you, in the hopes of inspiring some kinky plans of your own! (and hopefully this little tease of me getting ready to go out will help)

First and foremost, after a fantastically fulfilling year with some of my favourite subs, I am looking to open my schedule up to even more sessions. I will still enjoy the random and fun encounters with new people, but some of my most cherished relationships are with subbies who nurture my creativity, inspire my blogs, pamper me with gifts and experiences, and allow me to play out some of my wildest fantasies in tandem with theirs. I find these relationships deeply satisfying – after all, D/s is my lifestyle as well as my life’s work. If you are looking for a Mistress with whom you can truly grow as a person and as a submissive, you’ve found Her!

Secondly, as most of you know, I’ve somewhat recently moved into a new space. My basement dungeon is lovely – a “soft-core” sitting room style space, for more casual play and conversations over a glass of wine, a “hard-core” dungeon style play space for the majority of my sessions, a full bathroom with shower and tub for the convenience of my subbies (and also handy when things get a little messy!), and a full kitchen, convenient for storing and whipping up certain delicacies you may enjoy! I have big plans for this space, and 2019 is the year I will start to make them happen. I’d love for you to enjoy the journey with me, and I’ll be posting pictures later on this year as things take shape!

Along those lines, I am looking to expand my (already admirable!) collection of kinky toys, outfits, props, furniture, and play items. Some of this I’m already sourcing, but lots of it will be posted to my Amazon Wishlist! Many of my subs enjoy sending along a toy or two to be used during their session, and a lot of my favourite toys have been gifts! Take a look… maybe you’ll be inspired!

Lastly, I am looking forward to getting to a place of even more excellent health. I’ve had a few setbacks this year – unexpected illnesses have thrown me for a loop more times than I would have liked. I adore my curves and my strength, and I would like to improve and refine both. After all, this Domme regularly ties up and throws around MUCH bigger men!

In this spirit, I invite you to reflect on your own goals for the year. Perhaps you’d like to shed some pounds and get in shape. Possibly you’d like to eat better – wouldn’t we all? Maybe you know you’ve been slacking at work or in your personal life and you’re ready to be whipped into shape. Some of my favourite clients are the ones who turn to me for inspiration and support in improving themselves.

This is where Mistress Mindy also comes in handy as a Life Coach. I have a unique perspective and tons of experience helping people achieve their goals. Where a normal Life Coach may simply offer advice, a Motivatrix will whip you into shape – quite literally! From creative punishments, to diabolical challenges, to sensual and delicious rewards, you’ll be sure to succeed.

Whatever your goals for 2019, a firm, strong, loving and cruel Mistress can help you achieve them!

Have a safe, lovely, and happy New Year! I look forward to playing with you in 2019.

Mistress Mindy

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