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Sometimes a Toronto Domme can really get wrapped up in her work – Mummification

Mistress Mindy · July 16, 2014 · Mummification · 0 comments

Posted by: Mistress Mindy

I thought I would start sharing some of the stories from the depths of my dungeon with the people who frequent my site. As a professional and lifestyle Domme, I’m quite active in the scene and always have something fun going on in my basement lair. If you have any questions or comments about any of the stories I share, you can feel free to email me at

While I am the star of all of my sessions, they wouldn’t be nearly as fun without an enthusiastic and willing sub to play with! Today’s slave, Ryan, shares my fetish for mummification and sensory deprivation. He came to me initially as a complete novice with a head full of dirty, kinky scenarios he was eager to try. Tonight I decided we would do a complete mummification wrap with duct tape. Of course, once I had him immobilized and completely at my mercy, I couldn’t resist indulging in some CBT and a lot of very frustrating tease and denial play!

I started off having Ryan strip naked for my inspection. He had prepared himself nicely for me – clean, freshly shaven, hands at his sides and ready to serve. I wrapped each arm and leg individually in Saran wrap, effectively immobilizing them. I then started to work from his chest down, encasing his entire figure in a few tight layers of clear Saran. This takes a while, but really provides a great foundation for the duct tape bondage. Of course, the only area of Ryan left unwrapped was his cock and balls.

Once I had his body completely wrapped, I had him beg me for the gag, and of course I had to oblige. Then I wrapped his head and neck in the Saran, only leaving his nose and eyes uncovered. I decided I’d be merciful and let him watch what was happening to his body. He was very grateful – his cock instantly hardened when he realized he would be allowed to watch me bind and torment him.

Then the fun part began! I worked from the chest down to cover my slave in a thick, tight casing of shiny black duct tape. I hadn’t used this particular tape before, but it worked perfectly – each layer blended into the next to crate a really seamless covering, almost like a PVC or rubber suit. I was overjoyed with the look it created. I of course continued wrapping and covered slave’s head in the duct tape as well. Then came the finishing touch – I used my hot pink duct tape to accentuate his helpless, exposed cock and balls. I also gave him a nice pink gag and some colourful nipple highlights.

With my slave fully bound, exposed, and at my mercy, I decided I would place him on my sofa to adjust to his new reality. I find when you leave a slave to fully explore their bondage, the true helplessness really starts to set in. You can see it in their eyes, if you’ve been kind enough to leave them with their vision uncovered! I decided I would organize my toys and some of my sexy lingerie while Ryan struggled in vain against his bonds. I put on some music, poured a glass of wine, and started to relax with my slave struggling a mere ten feet away from me.

I was having a great time re-arranging all my kink accessories and occasionally glancing over to watch Ryan adjust to this strict new tape bondage. It’s such a turn on to watch a slave struggle to free himself, knowing it’s futile – but the biggest turn on comes when his body starts to accept his bondage, and his cock swells with the knowledge that no matter what I do to him, he’ll have to take it.

I enjoyed this show for quite a while, watching Ryan struggle at first to get free, and then to find something against which to rub his aching hard cock. Sensing the time was right for some more focused attention, I grabbed a few of my toys and my wine and headed over to the couch.

Snapping on a pair of latex gloves, I lightly ran a finger over my slave’s testicles and watched him twitch in appreciation. Excellent. I grabbed my flogger and decided to warm him up with some medium strength lashes to the underside of his cock. Ignoring his moans, I moved on to rubbing his testes, warming them up in my palm before binding them with a vinyl tie, stretching the skin taut and pushing his sensitive balls even closer to the surface. A few slaps with my leather crop and Ryan was urgently shifting now, trying to protect his delicate flesh from my torment. That wouldn’t do – I reached over for my Hitachi magic wand and pressed it lightly against his scrotum, switching it on to the low setting. That certainly got a reaction! Slave Ryan moaned around his gag and twitched his cock up at me, silently begging me to keep the vibe in place.

I continued this lovely dance of pain, tease, and denial for quite a while. What can I say? When I have a captive slave with his most intimate areas exposed for my pleasure, I tend to get a bit carried away. I made plenty of use of my ice packs, Wartenberg wheel, clamps, vinyl ties, fresh ginger, and of course my hands and the magic wand. I believe slave Ryan will be remembering his first duct tape mummification for quite a while! We’ve already scheduled the next session, and I plan to use him as a foot stool for a nice long time before the torment begins in earnest. Nothing pleases me more than having a bound and eager slave beneath my feet, waiting as long as I deem appropriate for my special attention.

Toronto Domme - Saran Wrap

We start with a layer of Saran Wrap

Toronto Dominatrix - Electrical Tape

The first layer of Electrical Tape

Toronto Domme - Mummification

Taped up completely from head to toe

Toronto Dominatrix - Mummified!

Some decorative pink tape just for fun – as you can see, this good sub LOVES it

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