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The Strongest St. Andrews cross in the GTA – maybe Canada?
Hello lovelies! As my last blog was a bit more about scheduling than seduction, I was inspired today to talk about my favourite piece of furniture in my dungeon-in-progress – my custom built St. Andrew’s Cross! There’s a reason why I’ve boldly asserted that I have the strongest St. Andrew’s cross in the GTA – possibly Ontario – maybe even Canada! I’m sure the experienced among you have seen the commercially available crosses on the market. I’ve owned a few of them myself! I find them to be attractive, but fairly flimsy. Since I specialize in fairly exquisite torment and torture with subs of all shapes and sizes, I really needed something that was going to stand up to a lot! Like my subs, this cross can take a beating! Not only is it double the usual thickness, it’s also chained to studs in my wall. I have personally attached over 600 pounds of weight to the cross, and while it’s designed to move, it doesn’t budge. That’s the other thing – my cross is designed to swing out from the wall with the right pressure, leaving the sub dangling a bit forward. It’s a unique position for sure, and […]
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Toronto Dominatrix Mistress Mindy's Cane Collection
Hello my lovelies,  Time for another update to my blog, and I must say – as often happens, I was inspired by a recent session (and accompanying purchase!). It’s something quite a few of you have enquired about, and I’m happy to write this to inspire those who haven’t yet thought about a session like this! Hopefully this will make your Good Friday a little bit better! As you probably guessed from the picture above (and title), I’m talking about caning. I must admit, I have felt an affinity for the cane ever since I was a small child. Stories of boarding school pupils being sent to the Headmistress’ chambers for some much needed discipline inspired an early sexual awakening in me. I certainly pictured myself as the stern Headmistress – curvy, nubile body concealed under boxy robes, dispensing discipline as needed and later touching myself to the memory. Maybe you had a similar fantasy, being on the receiving end of the cane. Or perhaps you went to a school that still employed this method of punishment, and had a similarly erotic connection to the experience. Whatever your interest in the cane, Headmistress Mindy would be happy to explore with […]
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