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Posted by: Mistress Mindy This update will be short and sweet, just like the session itself! P is one of my long-term golden submissives. This of course means that once a week, P comes over to my dungeon (or sometimes, I meet him for breakfast) and I have a special drink ready for him. Now, if you’re familiar with golden play (another specialty of mine), you’ll know that there are many different forms. Some people really like the sensation of a Goddess releasing her warm urine all over their skin. Some like to drink it straight from the source. Others enjoy having me fill an enema bag and experiencing my warm golden gift that way. P enjoys coming over, fully dressed for his busy day of meetings with clients, and sitting across the dining room table from me. I’ve usually just rolled out of bed, tousled my long blonde waves, and thrown on a skimpy outfit to meet him. We make civilized conversation as we make our way to the dining room, where his morning drink awaits. Without fail, every time P sees that champagne glass of, well, pee, he has an instant erection. Often I’ll tease him, my stockinged […]
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