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Hello again, my kinky friends! Tonight I did another very exciting session with a new slave of mine, who we’ll call T. T has a few years of experience in BDSM and is primarily interested in forced feminization and strap-on play (two specialties at once!) He can tolerate pain as punishment but is much more interested in the sensual side of BDSM. I thought I would take my time with him tonight, so I planned a fun few hours for us. Slave T was five minutes early, as always, and he brought a lovely bottle of wine as a gift for me. He handed me that and his tribute, and I asked him to grab a few glasses and a corkscrew and meet me in the basement. I had gone shopping earlier in the day and had plenty to surprise him with. Usually, I order my subs to do the shopping for our sessions, but this time I decided I would pick out everything we would need for a night of girly fun. T grabbed the items I had requested and made his way down the stairs into the basement. His eyes widened when he saw everything I had set out for […]
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