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Don't you want to come help Mistress Mindy get out of her heels?
Hello my lovelies! I’ve just arrived home from a pedicure, and while I wait for my sub, S, to come and pamper these feet some more, I thought I’d write a little bit about one of my favourite kinks – foot worship/foot play! I’ll set the scene for you a little bit by describing a recent session, as is my wont! My darling sub S has been a regular of mine for over a year now. He first approached me when he saw a picture of my feet posted on a kink website and couldn’t resist my high arches and perfect pedicure. Since our first time together, he’s been a devoted sub, booking many a session just to while away the hours massaging my feet while I enjoy a glass of wine. But occasionally, we concoct a plan a little more kinky! For this session, we combined tease and denial with foot play – the perfect combination, in my mind! I had S strip down to his boxers and kneel on a pillow on the floor in front of me. He looked up at me with wide brown eyes, silently begging – so I told him he had permission to […]
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Toronto Dominatrix Mistress Mindy's beautiful feet
Hello lovelies, I have enjoyed my foray into life coaching, and I’ve been asked how exactly a domme does life coaching. It’s very simple – it’s a matter of motivating my lovelies in the right way. I have recently added a story to my website. In this story, you can appreciate how I can both bring out the best in you, and deliciously feed your fetish for my beautiful feet. It’s just one example of the creative ways this Toronto Dominatrix can motivate you! If you like the story, of course, contact me and we can make your fantasy a reality AND help get your life on track.  
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