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Posted by: Mistress Mindy I haven’t really discussed the truly pure corporal punishment session. I don’t do these too often, as I’m busy fulfilling other requests, but I really do adore them when I do get a chance. Call it the sadist in me, but even with my sweet demeanour, I do love causing pain (in the most enjoyable sense). A true corporal punishment session is very intense. There may be an underlying theme or roleplay involved, or perhaps my sub just needs some heavy handed punishment. I’ve had scenes where the sub comes over and we pretend that I’m administering pain to try to extract sensitive information from him (a sort of spy fantasy). On the contrary, I’ve had subs who require no scene or context – they simply want me to punish them while we discuss normal topics like weather or their day-to-day lives. There is definitely something intriguing psychologically about someone enjoying a spiked paddle marking his ass while he brags about his son’s latest soccer game. A third type that’s interesting is those who wish to atone for certain sins they’ve committed, asking me to repeat what they’ve done while hurting them, or recounting the details […]
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