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Whether you deserve a light spanking or a bloody beating, Mistress Mindy is the Toronto Dominatrix who will do it right
Hello Kinky loves! It’s been a while! Hope you haven’t spotted any tumbleweeds rolling across this blog… In all honestly, it’s been a hell of a start to the year! Things have taken a little longer than predicted to settle down, but now that they are, I’m raring to get going on some of my kinkier resolutions for the year! I’m sure I have a few lucky subs willing and eager to sacrifice their flesh to feed my desires? 😉 In that vein, I saved some pictures from a recent experience, and thought I’d share with you. I often get messages wondering just how hard I’m capable of hitting. I guess I look like a delicate flower! That could not be further from the truth. I have a group of very dedicated submissives who are into what I call “extreme spanking”. These sessions are prolonged and very painful. They consist largely of heavy, constant spanking with my hand and with any implements we may choose to incorporate. I will tell you, I have done sessions like this lasting 6 hours, with breaks for my arm, but not long ones. I can inflict as much pain as you are comfortable receiving. […]
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The Strongest St. Andrews cross in the GTA – maybe Canada?
Hello lovelies! As my last blog was a bit more about scheduling than seduction, I was inspired today to talk about my favourite piece of furniture in my dungeon-in-progress – my custom built St. Andrew’s Cross! There’s a reason why I’ve boldly asserted that I have the strongest St. Andrew’s cross in the GTA – possibly Ontario – maybe even Canada! I’m sure the experienced among you have seen the commercially available crosses on the market. I’ve owned a few of them myself! I find them to be attractive, but fairly flimsy. Since I specialize in fairly exquisite torment and torture with subs of all shapes and sizes, I really needed something that was going to stand up to a lot! Like my subs, this cross can take a beating! Not only is it double the usual thickness, it’s also chained to studs in my wall. I have personally attached over 600 pounds of weight to the cross, and while it’s designed to move, it doesn’t budge. That’s the other thing – my cross is designed to swing out from the wall with the right pressure, leaving the sub dangling a bit forward. It’s a unique position for sure, and […]
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