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Posted by: Mistress Mindy (featuring ‘Tony’) Tonight I want to let one of my clients, Tony, contribute a guest blog about a recent cuckold session he had with me. He had emailed me about this (more like a testimonial), but I asked if he’d like to elaborate a little for the benefit of my blog readers. Here is what he sent. I hope you enjoy. For the longest time, I fantasized about being cuckolded. I always felt weird and ashamed about it. Essentially, I’ve struggled with these weird urges to be embarrassed, insulted, ordered around for most of my life. I’d always thought I had a normal upbringing, but I realized in hindsight that my mother always yelled at my father and he always looked like her servant in a way… so maybe there’s something there. Either way, I’ve had my relationships, treated my girlfriends/wife like queens, and yet, while having sex, something in me fantasizes about them deeming me not good enough. I feel like they enjoy it with me to an extent because they’ve loved me, but I get more excited than ever at the thought of some muscle head with a huge cock just bringing out an animal in […]
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